Monday, December 27, 2010

Teena Marie Featuring Faith Evans: Can't Last A Day

Teena Marie aka Lady T has passed away much too soon at age 54.

A gifted vocalist as well as songwriter, producer and multi-instrumentalist for thirty years, she stayed active until the end. She would occasionally do shows with her daughter Alia Rose who turned 19 only one day before finding her mother unresponsive in Teena Marie's home in Pasadena on Sunday December 26.

Teena Marie had returned to recording and performing full-time in 2009 after taking a long sabbatical to raise Alia Rose, now a budding talented singer in her own right who uses the name Rose Le Beau.

A frequent collaborator as well as an off/on romantic partner and friend of Rick James (1948-2004), she grew up in a predominantly black neighborhood in West L.A. and once stated that she felt like "a black singer with white skin".

Below is the fab duet with Faith Evans "Can't Last A Day" from Teena Marie's 2009 album "Congo Square", a track that clearly demonstrates just how influential she was and continues to be on younger generations of R&B/funk/soul artists regardless of their race.

Mary C. Brockert: March 5, 1956 - December 26, 2010

Monday, December 20, 2010

Gene Kelly: Singing In The Rain

We're having the rainstorm-of-the-decade here in the L.A. it seems fitting to post this classic segment from one of the very best Hollywood musicals of all time, MGM's "Singing In The Rain" from 1952.

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Wham: Last Christmas

Super cheesy Christmas music video. Yum - more cheese, please!!

Monday, December 6, 2010

Collapse Under The Empire: Captured Moments

Chris Burda and Matthew Jason got together in 2007 to create and record their instrumental music under the name of Collapse Under The Empire. The band released an EP entitled "Paintball" in 2008, followed by their debut digital album, "System-Breakdown" in the spring of 2009. For their second album "Find A Place To Be Safe" the band was signed to indie label Sister Jack in Germany (the duo is based in Hamburg).

[bio from UK music magazine Shakenstir @]

Collapse Under The Empire "Captured Moments"

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