Wednesday, February 27, 2008

The Nightfly

This is The Nightfly coming to you from cyber space, spinning virtual records late at night and into the wee hours of the morning. Ear candy for your listening pleasure - and any other kind of pleasure you have in mind.

The Nightfly is a music magazine featuring music videos, news, points of views, reviews and interviews. It is also the alter ego of the blogger (not as creepy as it sounds).

No ratings are used for reviews (stars, numbers, letters, thumbs up/down, rotten/fresh fruit) since artists and bands featured are ones which I already favor, thus eliminating the need to engage in any dissing. This Policy of Positivity ensures an overall good vibe - without the aid of mood enhancers.

The only legal drug I admit to using on occasion is chocolate. However, payola in the form of bon bons will never influence the contents of the magazine, and boxes of chocoate will be returned to sender, unopened. [sigh].

Special thanks to Donald Fagen whose still-funky-after-all-these-years 1982 release inspired this blog. As a token of my boundless love for this record (minus the cigarette on the cover) the first article is dedicated to this timeless album.

All Rights Reserved. 2008-2012. Quoting The Nightfly in other media (with proper byline and link) is permitted and encouraged. Feel free to add it to your blog roll.

[Masthead black/white photo of record player by yours truly.]