Sunday, November 21, 2010

Rasmus Seebach: Den Jeg Er (Who I Am)

A loving tribute by Danish singer/songwriter Rasmus Seebach (b. 1980) to his late father Tommy Seebach (1949-2003) a popular recording artist and performer for decades in Denmark, this powerful song touches upon themes such as family, forgiveness and finding your own path in life. Like Julian Lennon and Jeff Buckley, Rasmus Seebach bears an uncanny physical and vocal resemblance to his father and must be commended for finding the courage to step into the limelight rather than run from it.

Although the very moving lyrics are in Danish, a language understood by relatively few people, the music and soulful vocals will hopefully speak to anyone who appreciates a great song when they hear it.

Rasmus Seebach's voice reminds me of Caleb Followill of Kings Of Leon who in turn reminds me of Peter Gabriel. And speaking of Gabriel: there are echoes of West African music in this particular arrangement of Seebach's song, primarily in the Manu Katche style drums, but also in the Yassou N'Dour flavored backing vocals that pop up now and then.

VIDEO: Rasmus Seebach performed this arrangement of his song with DR Underholdings Orkestret (the Danish National Chamber Orchestra) in Copenhagen, Denmark on December 27 of last year for the Year in Review show.

Legal Disclaimer: the English song title (Who I Am) is my "unauthorized" translation and only intended as a suggestion.