Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Rumpistol: I'm Not Listening

"On April 13, 2012 Danish electronic artist Jens B. Christiansen aka Rumpistol released his fourth and most ambitious album yet , 'Floating', a collaboration with Los Angeles based Danish expatriate, vocalist Red Baron that further explores the post dub-step vocal territories opened up on last year's 'Talk To You' EP. With tighter song structures, intimate lyrics and the Baron's ecstatic vocal projections, the two create a parallel world in which the domestic breakdowns of wintry Copenhagen are filtered through surreal sun-bleached Californian dreams, resulting in a robotic and hypnagogic hybrid of soul."

The info is taken from the excellent artist bio by Berlin-based label Project: Mooncircle. Italics are mine. Being from Copenhagen, Denmark and a longtime resident of the L.A. area, the highlighted words above naturally sturck a chord with me.

Note 1: Red Baron aka Tobias Buch-Andersen also sings in the Danish band The Late Great Fitzcarraldos.

Note 2: 'rum' means "room" in Danish.

The video was directed by Thomas Jorsal & Michael Bojesen and features actor Andreas Pietras.