Friday, May 11, 2012

Wake Me For Coffee: Dogville

Now a quintet,  Danish band Wake Me For Coffee was originally a solo project started by grown up wunderkind Thorbjørn Nyander Poulsen whose resume reads like that of a renaissance man for the 21st century: musician, singer, producer, maker of musical instruments, toys and effect devices, Gameboy music expert, technology hacker, circuit bender, medialogist, former employee at Harvestworks Digital Media Arts Center in NYC, philanthropist.

Here is what he writes about the  'The Mulder Ties', the album which was self-released on May 8:

"The title is inspired by X-Files character Fox Mulder’s colorful neck ties. Thus the album reminisce Mulder’s unstoppable course towards unexplainable phenomena on the verge of the rational, the arbitrary and the supernatural. All eleven songs are individual atypical pop art collages. The musical style is explorative, like a curious child crawling in a cellar or attic surrounded by tucked away LPs, boxes of electronics, photo slides and cross country skis. I call it Rhythm 'n Cruise. Besides being explorative and exciting, the music is characterized by that David Duchovny sarcasm and coolness as well. I make my own electronic instruments and effects by hacking and repurposing technology. That's where many of the sounds originate from."

You can listen to and download the full album on Bandcamp:

The 'Dogville' music video was recorded by Signe Høi Jensen & Thorbjørn Nyander Poulsen and edited by Thorbjørn Nyander Poulsen.