Sunday, August 26, 2012

Tina Dico: Moon To Let

After a busy decade spent alternating her time between London/Copenhagen and touring the world (incl. many gigs with Zero 7 in 2004), Danish singer-songwriter Tina Dico has found a life partner in fellow musician Helgi Jonsson whom she first met in 2008 when they each opened for Teitur at a show in Canada.  This year Dico and Jonsson settled down together in Reykjavik, Iceland where Helgi was born and raised and where their son Emil was born last month.

Her fifth studio album "Where Do You Go To Disappear?" drops the first week of September; all of the 12 tracks were recorded in her new home studio in Reykjavik.  The first single "Moon To Let" was released July 16.

Dico has two gigs scheduled in Zurich and Vienna in mid-October in between numerous shows in Germany.

Helgi Jonsson:

"Moon To Let" was shot around Nuuk, Greenland by Martin Skovbjerg and Jacob Møller of SaunaCigar; the Copenhagen based team also did "Warrior/Worrier" for Outlandish.

NOTE to Dico's Danish fans: a lengthy interview was published in Politiken yesterday.