Tuesday, November 27, 2012

R.I.P. Jonas Thomsen Sekyere Dec. 11, 1990 - Nov. 17, 2012

It's been ten days since the murder of 21-year-old Jonas Thomsen Sekyere inside a Copenhagen, Denmark nightclub. His alleged killer is a fugitive at this point. [Note: August 2016 update at the end of this post.]

The funeral service will be held Wednesday November 28 at noon local time at Copenhagen's cathedral 'Vor Frue Kirke' in the city's historic Latin Quarter where Jonas spent much of his time:  he was in law school at the University at the time of his death and a resident at the prestigious dormitory 'Regensen.'   The public has been invited by the family to accompany the hearse to Jonas' final resting place a mile away at the 'Assistens' cemetery where world famous Danes Hans Christian Andersen and Søren Kierkegaard are buried. (Andersen's and Kierkegaard's funeral services were also held at 'Vor Frue Kirke', in 1875 and 1855, respectively.)

At age seven Jonas became a member of the renowned Copenhagen Boys Choir which often performs at the church where his funeral will be.  The first video is a performance by the CBC, performing at 'Vor Frue Kirke' alongside a male choir; the piece is by Rachmaninoff.

The second video is the popular South London boys choir Libera performing "Time".

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A personal note, July 2013:
 On my annual summer visit to my original hometown of Copenhagen I visited Jonas' grave and left a single black velvet like flower from my parents' garden. My cousin who lives a stone's throw from the Assistens cemetery in the borough of Nørrebro accompanied me, and we spoke of Jonas and spent some time looking at the photos, poems, flowers and other gifts left by family, friends and people like myself who did not personally know this remarkable young man, but wish to pay tribute to him.

Below is a link to an article in the (Copenhagen) University Post: