Monday, June 17, 2013

Jenny Lindfors: The Blazing Sun + Don't Tempt The Shadow + Step To The Right


Irish, with a Swedish last name, and now based in London, singer-songwriter Jenny Lindfors released her debut album 'When the Night Time Comes' in 2008, followed it up with the three-track EP 'Step to the Right' in 2012, and is currently recording her second full-length.

Like virtually all female folk singers with a guitar she is compared to a young Joni Mitchell, yet both her sound and her effortless, exquisite phrasing are in fact much closer to those of James Taylor, Bill Withers, as well as the late, great Eva Cassidy.

In 2011 Rumer invited Lindfors to open for her on a spring/summer tour of the UK plus one gig in Paris. This year she is planning a small tour for September and recently asked fans to suggest "cozy, special" UK venues via Facebook:

Speaking of Rumer, here is my post from last summer: