Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Kim Cesarion: Undressed

Born and raised in Stockholm, of Swedish-Greek and Guadeloupean parentage and from a very musical family, 23-year-old singer Kim Cesarion discovered his vocal talent in high school after already mastering the violin, viola, upright bass and piano. At age 20 he connected with Icelandic/Swedish songwriter-producer Arnthor Birgisson and the two began working on songs with several other writers. The result was the track "Undressed" which will be included on his debut full-length; the album was due for a 2013 release but has been postponed to the new year.

The single version of "Undressed" is a decent pop/R&B track, but Cesarion's vocals are practically buried in the overkill mix. Thankfully, someone had the great idea to let him do a stripped down live version with an exellent band and it is here that he gets to truly showcase his outstanding voice. The sublime result of the live session makes one wish that the upcoming album be comprised of similar stellar arrangements that echo those of his idol D'Angelo whom Cesarion saw in concert in Stockholm at the age of eleven.

He has two shows this weekend: Friday he'll be at the Koncerthuset in Copenhagen, Denmark and Saturday at KB in Malmo, Sweden. No doubt there will be a European tour in 2014 when the debut album is out, possibly also a U.S. tour at some point.