Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Alice Boman: What

Swedish singer-songwriter Alice Boman decided to give her second EP the straightforward title 'EP II".  Released today and recorded in a cabin in Sweden, it follows last year's debut EP 'Skisser'; the title translates to 'sketches'.  NOTE: The 11-track EP II contains six new tracks as well as the five tracks found on 'Skisser'.

Touring for great parts of 2013, including opening for Anna Calvi, Boman continues to stay busy on the concert front this year: tonight, June 10 and June 12 she performs at various London venues. Next weekend there are two shows in Sweden (June 13 & 14) and in July/August she has three festival gigs scheduled.

The beautiful video accompanying the stunning track "Wait" looks to have been shot on the coast of Skåne, in the vicinity of Boman's home base of Malmo. It was produced by Studio Pop, a graphic design studio based in Malmo and Copenhagen, run by designers Kalle Magnusson & Henric Claesson.




http://www.studiopop.se/works/  (video directors)