Wednesday, July 16, 2014

SomeKindaWonderful: Reverse + California Love

A big radio hit here in the U.S. since its release earlier this year, SomeKindaWonderful's superb single "Reverse" sounds like Phil Spector producing Cee Lo Green in the 1960s, with some samples from a Ennio Morricone spaghetti western score sprinkled on just for kicks. Jordy Towers' outstanding voice is wisely given the spotlight on this outstanding track; the arrangement and production are supportive as opposed to suffocating. Unfortunately, with a few exceptions, that can't be said for the remaining somewhat oddly eclectic material on the band's self-titled debut album which dropped June 23. Instead, Towers' vocals too often are buried in the mix, not to mention distorted. It's a crying shame. (Puzzling also is the lack of music videos so far; the clip that currently accompanies "Reverse" consists only of the song lyrics and repetitive artwork.)

Frustrated in Los Angeles after feeling an Interscope record deal had taken him in a wrong direction career wise, Towers retreated to suburban Cleveland, Ohio to lick his wounds, staying with a cousin. He soon found himself jamming one night at a local bar with drummer Ben Schiegel and guitarist Matt Gibson who happened to be looking for a singer. After about four hours spent in Schiegel's studio down the street the same night, the trio of new friends had come up with "Reverse."  Keyboardist Steve and percussionist/backing vocalist Sarah were added later.

The quintet's spring/summer concert schedule will wrap Saturday July 26 as part of the music lineup at the week-long World Series of Beach Volleyball event right here in Long Beach. An extensive U.S. fall tour, opening for Danish band New Politics, runs from October 17 to November 30.

NOTE: Their stellar and very different take on 2Pac's classic 1995 anthem "California Love" is not on the debut full-length.