Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Scarlet Pleasure: The Strip

I first wrote about Scarlet Pleasure in April and posted the stellar tracks "Windy" and "Venus". Now the Copenhagen trio have outdone themselves: on their latest single "The Strip" singer Emil Goll channels Michael Jackson to such a degree that it produces goosebumps. There is a fine line between homage and pastiche; fortunately, "The Strip" falls into the first category, with Goll's sublime vocals and the outstanding rhythm section work provided by bassist Alexander Malone and drummer Joachim Dencker combining to make up an utterly irresistible sound.

The debut seven-track EP 'Mirage' was released September 22.

The three musketeers are currently touring Denmark; they also have a few dates scheduled in the spring. Here's hoping they'll be touring soon outside Denmark as well.

NOTE: I chose to post the superb live version of "The Strip" rather than the video that was recently done during the trio's first visit to Los Angeles since the former better showcases their formidable talent. The clip was shot at the Copenhagen Casino by DR [the national Danish broadcasting corporation] as part of the ongoing series DR Output.  (Denmark)

If you missed the April post: