Sunday, February 8, 2015

Mads Langer: The River Has Run Wild

Sometimes I post a song/video for no other reason that I love it.  I'm currently visiting family in Copenhagen and wanted to share an exceptional live performance by one of the most popular artists in Denmark, 30-year-old singer-songwriter Mads Langer.

If you live in Los Angeles or in New York City you may have caught him at a small venue such as Hotel Cafe or Joe's Pub, and in fact the supremely cool photo above was shot in L.A. last fall. However, chances of seeing him live are obviously better in Denmark where he tours frequently.

"The River Has Run Wild" is taken from his third full-length studio album 'Behold', released in May 2011.

Langer does not have any shows scheduled at this time, but check his Facebook page for updates.

NOTE: Unfortunately, no details on the venue, exact concert date or, more importantly, the stellar band are listed on YouTube.