Sunday, March 15, 2015

Turboweekend: Asking For More + Miles & Miles (Live Acoustic Version)

Danish quartet Turboweekend drop their fourth full-length 'Share My Thunder' March 30. The teaser single "Miles and Miles" was released in October; the second single "Asking for More" came out last week. Both tracks are outstanding and bode very well for the upcoming eleven-track album.

Their Denmark spring tour runs from March 26 to May 9. Additionally, they have four dates scheduled around Germany where they also have a solid fan base: Cologne May 5, Munich May 6, Berlin May 7, Hamburg May 8.

NOTE on video # 2: Having already posted the excellent video accompanying "Miles and Miles" when it was published in early December, for today's blog I have instead chosen to include a stellar live acoustic version performance, taped by Danish Television last Christmas. (skip to 00:20 and stop at 4:14 to avoid the intro talk as well as the wrap up talk by the TV show hosts.  Also, I should add: there's nothing wrong with your ears or your electronic device: unfortunately, two brief yet annoying technical glitches occur in the video at 1:48 and at 3:26.)  (iTunes, Denmark)

For those who wish to compare the live acoustic version of "Miles and Miles" with the recorded version:

Don't miss my 2010 interview with singer Silas Bjerregaard when Turboweekend was still a trio: