Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Little Barrie: Eyes Were Young + Why Don't You Do It

The season 1 finale of sublime Breaking Bad prequel/spin-off Better Call Saul premiered earlier this week on AMC and Netflix. Its many rabid fans - including this blogger - will no doubt be dealing with severe withdrawal symptoms until season 2 hits the small screen early next year.

The show's delicious theme was commissioned by acclaimed music supervisor/DJ/record producer Thomas Golubic (Six Feet Under, Breaking Bad, The Walking Dead, etc.), a longtime fan of British trio Little Barrie. Though they have enjoyed some degree of success in the UK/Europe and have achieved near cult status in Japan, they were virtually unknown in the U.S. before Better Call Saul. To seize momentum, the band's label Tummy Touch understandably issued a five-track intro album in late February, but here's hoping Little Barrie won't go down in history solely as "those guys who did that great TV show theme."

Founded in Nottingham in 1999, the London-based band (guitarist/lead singer Barrie Cadogan, drummer/vocalist Virgil Howe, bassist/vocalist Lewis Wharton) have released four stellar full-lengths in the past decade, the latest being last year's superb eleven-song album 'Shadow', my personal favorite. Last week a hot mess of a video was published to accompany the outstanding track "Eyes Were Young'.

NOTE: As evidenced by clip # 2 (uploaded by a fan) when crating the killer theme for Better Call Saul, Cardogan, Howe and Wharton clearly took inspiration from the track "Why Don't You Do It", from their second album 'Stand Your Ground', released in 2007.

Dates: Little Barrie will be playing a show in Belfast April 30 before embarking on a mini-tour of Japan and Vietnam May 22 to 27. They also have a UK gig scheduled for July 25.