Thursday, August 27, 2015

Kentaur: The Arms Of The Infinite

Founded less than six months ago in Copenhagen as a trio, Kentaur are having a great year: in June they dropped the superb five-track EP 'Vertebra by Vertebra', they have opened for Rhye and Turboweekend and have two concerts scheduled for Tuesday November 10 and Wednesday November 11 at the prestigious venue Jazzhouse where fellow Danish bands such as Choir of Young Believers and Efterklang regularly perform (the Wednesday Nov. 11 show is already sold out.)

All recent graduates from the renowned RMC [Rhythmic Music Conservatory] in Copenhagen, exceptionally gifted singer Marc Roland Hansen along with formidable producers/co-composers Søren Stenager and Mikkel Juul Jensen create gorgeous soundscapes in the studio which are recreated organically on stage with the stellar help of a drummer, bassist and a violinist.

A stunning video was published in May to accompany the beautiful EP track "The Arms of the Infinite"; it was directed by Christina Amundsen who is part of the intriguing The Current short film short project (see link below.)

NOTE: Be sure to listen to the EP tracks "Matter & Stone" and "Collarbone" on the band's Soundcloud page. ("Matter & Stone" is the sublime song that generated the initial well-deserved buzz earlier this year.)