Monday, September 14, 2015

Anya: Greet Me

25-year-old Danish-American singer Anya dropped her debut EP 'The Credit' September 4; the impressive live performance video for the stand out track "Greet Me" was published last December. Raised by her Baltimore native mother on a farm outside Næstved south of Copenhagen after the passing of her Danish father when Anya was three, she was until fairly recently a law student before deciding to focus on her music full time; fortunately for her and the rest of us her gutsy gamble has paid off.

Her creative partner on the EP is fellow Dane Carl Barsk of Århus music collective Hukaos. The busy producer-composer-musician has worked with Karl William, Lord Siva, Louis Rustum, and more.

A mini tour is scheduled for the fall; the September 30 show at Lille Vega in Copenhagen is already sold out, but a second date has been added on October 28. The remaining dates are as follows:

Oct. 1: Posten, Odense
Oct. 2: HeadQuarters, Århus
Oct. 3: Musikkens Hus, Ålborg  (iTunes Denmark)