Monday, October 5, 2015

Make Suggestions For Roskilde Festival 2016

I normally don't promote any contests, but I decided to make an exception because, for the most part, it's a very cool one:

Register your artist/band wishes for Roskilde Festival 2016, share your five choices (max) on Facebook (sadly, no other social media qualify which truly sucks) and you may win two tickets.

My suggestions entered into the online form (see link below), were - in random order - five favorite artists/bands that I have blogged about this year and hope will be invited to perform next summer at Roskilde. It was difficult - nay, torturous - to choose only five, but here goes:

Wyles & Simpson (UK)
Silicon (US)
Daye Jack (US)
MINX (Australia)
Hannah Joy (Australia)

Here are the links to my posts on these fantastic artists:

NOTE: The contest must be entered before October 23!