Sunday, March 6, 2016

Weird Dreams: Ladder

Doran Edwards co-founded London based project Weird Dreams in 2010 with Craig Bowers. The duo became a quartet before releasing the 2012 debut album 'Choreography'. Now it appears Weird Dreams is primarily a one-man show in the studio and a band when performing live.  A new ten-track full-length entitled 'Luxury Alone' drops June 10; two teaser tracks have been unveiled so far: "Heaven's Hounds" and "Ladder", the latter is available as a single and consists of four minutes of gorgeous vocals and lovely music sure to soothe the most frazzled nerves.

Sadly and frustratingly, as of today, no video has been created to accompany "Ladder", but perhaps a clip will be uploaded in time for the album release. (if so, I will of course add it.)

For those lucky enough to be in London, there's a gig at The Waiting Room Monday March 7.