Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Matt Gresham: Small Voices

Searching the web for a good music video to post can occasionally feel akin to a desert walk. When I finally find something great, it's very much like finding an oasis with cool, clear water. Such was the case when I stumbled across "Small Voices".  A man, a guitar, a beautiful song, a gorgeous voice. My thirst was quenched.

The man is 27-year-old Matt Gresham, surfer and singer-songwriter, born in Fremantle, raised in Rockingham, south of Perth. After penning tunes since the age of 13 and playing shows around Australia for the past decade, putting out a few records and even doing a successful stint on X Factor, he decided on a different path. Relocating temporarily to Los Angeles, he gathered material for an EP which will drop later this year; it will of course include "Small Voices", co-written by American musician pal, L.A. based Jaymes Young. The track has also been released as a single.

The studio version is very good, the live version however is stunning. Recorded at Paste Studios in Alexandria outside Sydney, it showcases Gresham's superb voice and fine guitar playing. Paste Studios also created an excellent regular music video which "tells the poignant story of a girl longing for family".