Friday, May 17, 2013

Loreen: Heal

As a music blogger, I sometimes have to decide whether or not to post a clip that contains images that may come across as disturbing. Oftentimes, the video is cinematic, striking, even beautiful, yet because there are scenes that depict violence of various kinds, I am not entirely comfortable including it on The Nightfly.  

Loreen's most recent video is a good example: directed by fellow Swede Robin Kempe-Bergman, it begins with footage showing domestic violence.  However, given that the violence is non-gratuitous and also considering the track's title and the video's final scene, I find that the clip in fact makes a very eloquent argument against violence. Thus, I feel I can post "Heal" with a clean conscience.

Having won the Eurovision Song Contest last year, Loreen will be performing at this year's contest in Malmo, Sweden May 18.  She also has nine concert dates scheduled between May 25 and September 12, including one show in her parents' native country Morocco on May 31.