Thursday, May 9, 2013

Turboweekend: Dreams

On April 29 Turboweekend released 'Shadow Sounds', a six-track EP of minimalist versions of previously recorded material, including "Trouble Is", "Into You" and the EP title track off their 2007 debut album 'Night Shift'.

In February the band covered Fleetwood Mac's "Dreams" as part of Danish Radio P3's [Channel 3] year-long 50th birthday celebrations.  One of the finest songs ever written and recorded, Stevie Nicks' timeless composition from 1977 has been covered countless times and with often dismal results, but Turboweekend manage to make it 100 % their own by way of a gorgeous slowed-down, stripped-down interpretation that showcases lead singer Silas Bjerregaard´s formidable vocals.

NOTE: "Dreams" is not included on the "Shadow Sounds" EP.

The Copenhagen quartet, routinely hailed as Denmark's best live band, will be appearing at five festivals between May 19 and July 3.   The latter gig takes place at the large four-day Nibe Festival in North Jutland July 3-6 which will feature primarily Danish bands and artists including Outlandish, Kashmir, The Eclectic Moniker, The Rumour Said Fire, Nephew, Mø, Fallulah, Nabiha and Rasmus Seebach.

Don't miss my interview with Silas Bjerregaard from November 2010 when the quartet was still a trio: