Saturday, July 13, 2013

Justin Timberlake: Take Back The Night

Yesterday Justin Timberlake released the first single "Take Back the Night" from his upcoming 'The 20/20 Expericence: 2 of 2' album which will drop September 30.  Sounding like a never-released track from Michael Jackson's 1979 'Off the Wall' album, you may ask: is Timberlake paying homage to M.J. or ripping off M.J.? Or you could ask: does it really matter when a song is this good?

His current tour continues off and on through February and includes two shows at Yankee Stadium in NYC with Jay-Z July 19 and 20.

I've deleted the teaser audio-only clip presented last month and replaced it with the music video released this week; unfortunately, it doesn't get even close to matching the energy of the music/vocals.