Thursday, July 25, 2013

Vinnie Who: 39 + How Can I Be Sure

Tired of playing guitar in various Copenhagen indie bands, Niels Bagge reinvented himself as vocalist Vinnie Who.  Following several singles and the EP 'A Step' in 2010, he released the debut album 'Then I Met You' in 2011.  His second album 'Midnight Special' dropped in February of this year.

Two tracks from 'Midnight Special' are accompanied by gorgeous videos:  "39" was directed by Mai and Mikkel Aabenhuus and features their son Asbjørn Aabenhuus; the mini-movie "How Can I Be Sure" was directed by Jeppe Kolstrop.

Vinnie Who performed earlier this month at the Roskilde Festival and has several other music festival gigs coming up within the next month as well as two non-festival shows in September/October. All of the dates are in Denmark; however he has previously played various European venues and plans to do more shows outside Denmark in the near future.  (director Mikkel Aabenhuus)   (director Jeppe Kolstrup)