Saturday, August 10, 2013

Hymns From Nineveh: A Kid On The Beach + The Streets Of Pyongyang

Danish singer-songwriter Jonas H. Petersen founded the project Hymns From Nineveh in 2007.  A five-track EP entitled 'Uncomplicated Christmassongs' was released in 2009; a full-length Christmas album followed in 2011.  His self-titled debut album was also released in 2011; a second studio album 'Visions' drops September 19.

When playing live Petersen aka Hymnboy is joined by a five-member band; however, occasionally he performs solo, as seen in the second clip, recorded by Danish televison station DR2; the gorgeous song "The Streets of Pyongyang" begins at 00:35.  The first video was shot by Mikkel Aabenhuus.

Hymnboy and his merry men have nine shows scheduled between September 27 and November 3, all of them in Denmark; hopefully the six of them will also be playing gigs outside Denmark in the near future.  (director Mikkel Aabenhuus)