Saturday, August 31, 2013

New Gods: Skipping Stone (Oblivion) + Razorblades + Klipse + On Your Side

Melbourne band Little Red split up for good last year, but its five members have all gone on to form new bands. Two of them, vocalist Dominic Byrne and guitarist Adrian Beltrame teamed up to found New Gods which includes bass player Richard Bradbeer of Eagle and The Worm, keyboard player Dale Packard of Ground Components, as well as drummer Sam Raines. An excellent self-titled five-song debut EP was released on November 30; a debut full-length album is in the works.

So far, four videos have been published to accompany the EP tracks:

"Stepping Stone (Oblivion)", filmed by Dale Packard before, during, after a cyclone in Queensland.
"Razorblades" and "Klipse", produced by Twelfth House Films.
"On Your Side", produced by Tooth & Claw.