Sunday, November 3, 2013

Jenny Wilson: The Future

38-year-old Stockholm based dynamo Jenny Wilson drops her new album 'Demand The Impossible!' on November 6.  The title is taken from the graffiti "Be realistic - Demand the impossible!" which originated during the 1968 student protests in Paris. Seeing a parallel to her own fight against breast cancer, the slogan greatly inspired and energized the singer to write her latest collection of songs.

Wilson co-founded her first band First Floor Power with her sister and a couple of friends in 1997. Following a collaboration with Swedish band The Knife in 2003, she released her first solo album 'Love And Youth' in 2005. A second solo full-length 'Hardships!' came out in 2009. After her 2010 cancer diagnosis and first round of treatments, she released the 2011 double album 'BLAZING'.  Over the years she has also found the time and energy to write a score for a play, collaborate with a film maker as well as a gospel choir, raise two sons and take in the stray dog Maja.

The powerful clip that accompanies the single "The Future" was put together by Wilson and her frequent filmmaker partner Daniel Wirtberg.

Four shows for November and December were announced on her Facebook page last month:

Nov. 11  Østre Gasværk, Copenhagen (part of the CPH: DOX international documentary festival)
Nov. 22  Popup Festival,Vaasa
Nov. 30  Berns, Stockholm
Dec.   6  Babel, Malmö  (director Daniel Wirtberg)