Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Lucy Love: Take Me Back + Prison

Lucy Love was born Lucy Siame in 1985 in Zambia to an English mother and a Zambian father who moved to Copenhagen when she was two years old.  In 2009 she released her debut album 'Superbillion' and followed it up with 'Kilo' in 2010.

Despite battling depression and anxiety for the past three years Love managed to record material for a new album: 'Desperate Days of Dynamite' dropped in September and two visually arresting videos have been released so far for the excellent tracks 'Prison' and 'Take Me Back'. Both clips were directed and edited by the artist herself.

Love has three shows coming up in Denmark next month and will be at the big Danish NorthSide Festival held in Århus, Jutland in June (not to be confused with the Northside Festival held in Brooklyn every year, also in June.)