Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Asbjørn: Father Figure + Brotherhood + R B Y + Unfollow + Skywalker

Church choir singer at the age of ten, music conservatory graduate since last year. Both of these experiences have clearly served 21-year-old Asbjørn Toftdahl aka Asbjørn very well. In 2012 the Århus, Jutland native released his outstanding 11-track debut full-length 'Sunken Ships'. Videos were produced for three songs.

This time around however the Danish singer-songwriter-producer is choosing a different launch format, in great part to give all of the new songs the spotlight he feels they deserve, thereby wisely avoiding the commonly used industry and band/artist approach, i.e. releasing circa three singles with the remaining tracks ending up the neglected "step children" in the bunch.

The album building blocks: the release of three EPs aka chapters, each chapter containing four songs. In 2015 the three EPs will be collectively released as Asbjørn's second full-length 'Pseudo Visions'. Additionally, all twelve tracks are/will be accompanied by a video. The first EP dropped May 1: "Brotherhood", "R B Y" [Red, Blue, Yellow], "Unfollow" and "Skywalker" are all outstanding tracks, with the enticing videos perfectly complimenting the artist's gorgeous soundscapes and stunning vocals.

The first clip below is a sublime version of "Father Figure", a track off of his debut album.