Thursday, May 15, 2014

SOHN: Artifice + Lessons + Bloodflows

Christopher Taylor aka SOHN ['son' in German] hails from South London, but has been based in Vienna, Austria since 2010. His EP 'The Wheel' dropped in 2012 and was followed last month by the debut full-length 'Tremors'.

Currently touring North America, SOHN returns to Europe at the tail end of this month for two gigs in Austria and Germany. Between June and September there are several gigs scheduled, including two in Australia. He will also be performing August 14 at Copenhagen's electronic music festival Strøm. (NOTE: one of the curators of the Strøm festival is SOHN's fellow acclaimed producer-dj-songwriter, Danish music maestro Thomas Knak.)

Three excellent videos have been produced so far to accompany outstanding tracks from 'Tremors': "Artifice" was directed by Thom Glunt, "Lessons" by Oliver Groulx, and "Bloodflows" was shot by Christian Pitschl in the Bavarian Alps.