Thursday, January 29, 2015

Alex Vargas: Solid Ground

I often check in to see what's happening with artists and bands I have previously blogged about, hoping there is a new single, EP, album or video. Today I was thrilled to learn that UK online video platform The Mahagony Sessions uploaded an outstanding performance by Copenhagen-born-and-raised-London-based singer-songwriter Alex Vargas just last week. Flawless is the other word that comes to mind as Vargas adds his Jeff Buckley style guitar work to his goosebump inducing vocals on "Solid Ground", a stellar track he dropped in 2014, the year that also saw the release of his superb eight-track debut EP 'Howl'.

He has a show at L.A. club Bardot coming up on February 9.  There is also a gig at the August 6-9 Ink-N-Iron Festival in Nashville lined up. Check his Facebook page as more 2015 concert dates are (hopefully) added.

NOTE: Vargas is the featured vocalist on last summer's hit single "Blue Sky Action" by British EDM trio Above & Beyond from their album 'We Are All We Need', released this month. (He is featured on five out of sixteen tracks.)

Make sure to check out my post from last March which includes three videos: