Friday, January 23, 2015

Amason: Duvan

There is something delightfully off beat about pretty much every aspect of Amason: from their name (a vintage Volvo model) to their sound, videos, and photos.

The stellar bouncy single "Duvan" [the dove] was released in October; the debut full-length 'Sky City' drops January 27.

The accompanying clip directed by Tobias Centerwall features the band members resembling large headed paper dolls as well as a group of somewhat eerie figures with windblown hair moving through an urban landscape. What's not to love?

The Swedish supergroup consisting of Gustav Ejstes (Dungen), Amanda Bergman (Idiot Wind), Nils Tornquist (Little Majorette), Petter Winnberg (Little Majorette) and Pontus Winnberg (Miike Snow) have four shows coming up this month and in Mid-February around Sweden; they also have a gig scheduled in Oslo January 28.