Thursday, February 9, 2017

Elbow: Gentle Storm

Drummer Richard Jupp departed UK band Elbow early last year, long before the seventh full-length 'Little Fictions' was completed. Released February 3, the album thankfully proves that Guy Garvey, Pete Turner, Mark Potter and Craig Potter are doing just fine post-Jupp.

The third single "Gentle Storm" is a master class in the less-is-more approach; spare yet hypnotic percussion plus Garvey's golden voice were the only ingredients needed to create this superb song.

The accompanying black/white video uses the post-production process of cross-fading: the male and female faces seamlessly blend into one another, creating a haunting and eerie effect that perfectly matches the music. The clip features the four band members as well as actor Benedict Cumberbatch (among others) and was directed by Kevin Godley who used the same film technique for Godley & Creme's 1985 "Cry" video.

Elbow has a string of shows scheduled this winter in Ireland (late February) and the UK (March); most are already sold out. In June they'll be part of the sixteenth Forest Live gigs which will include a performance in the Sherwood Forest Sunday June 25 (here's hoping Robin Hood and his merry men turn up.) In July and August the quartet are playing summer festivals in continental Europe and in the UK.  (scroll down for tour schedule)