Thursday, February 23, 2017

Maggie Rogers: On+Off + Dog Years + Alaska

2017 is looking like a banner year for Maggie Rogers with the release of her stellar five-track debut major label EP 'Now That the Light Is Fading' February 17 and a busy tour schedule kicking off tonight in Brussels.

It's been quite a crazy time for the singer-songwriter from rural Maryland since her participation in Pharrell Williams' master class at NYU last March went viral in early summer, but she has handled her overnight fame with grace, not to mention a maturity beyond her almost 23 years. Having written tunes since the age of thirteen and dropping three EPs plus one single between 2012 and 2014 on Bandcamp very likely helped prepare her for the life of a music industry pro.

Tour: Most of the UK/continental Europe and North America February/March/April dates have already sold out, but tickets are still available for her summer festival gigs in the U.S, continental Europe, the UK and Japan.

Something about Roger's personality, music and videos reminds me of Feist, another exceptional artist. The playful clips accompanying the outstanding songs "Alaska", "Dog Years" and "Off + On" were all directed by American film maker Zia Anger.