Friday, January 29, 2016

Max Richter: Path 5 + Dream 13 + Dream 3

Today's post features music somewhat different than what I normally blog about here on The Nightfly: three tracks by acclaimed German-British composer/producer Max Richter, all taken off the one-hour work 'from Sleep' (his 31-track album 'Sleep' is no less than eight hours long; it should be noted that it does not contain the seven tracks found on 'from Sleep'.)

Featuring stunning vocals by renowned British soprano Grace Davidson, "Path 5" is my favorite of the three, as is the accompanying video by award winning film maker Yulia Mahr, creative director at Studio Richter Mahr; she also created the clips that accompany the instrumental tracks "Dream 13" and "Dream 3".

Grace Davidson will be performing May 14 - 29 with Richter at seven UK concerts (two of these are at the Barbican in London; one has already sold out): on the program is 'from Sleep' as well as 'The Blue Notebooks', his 2004 album.