Saturday, January 23, 2016

Phlake: Pregnant + So Faded + Like You

Despite having been introduced four years ago by mutual friends, it took a while for established producer Jonathan Elkær to officially team up with then unknown singer Mads Bo to create music that began to generate well-deserved buzz in their native Denmark last year. Going by the name Phlake, the two were signed to Sony Music which released two singles in May and September: the über chill "So Faded" and the flawless "Pregnant". A third excellent track "I Like You" will be included on the debut EP, set to drop this year. All of the duo's lyrics are co-written by multi-talented Gisli Gislason, also based in Copenhagen.

Phlake has a show coming up February 12 at Stars in Vordingborg. October 28 and 29 they have two prestigious gigs at Train in Århus and Store Vega in Copenhagen, respectively. A number of additional dates will no doubt be announced on their Facebook page as we get further into 2016.

I'm also posting a outstanding live stripped-down performance of "So Faded", recorded in Copenhagen June 10, 2015 as part of the ongoing intimate concert series Sofar (Songs From A Room).