Sunday, October 18, 2009

Alien Chatter: Close Encounters of the Cool Kind

RODNEY LEE: Piano, Synths, and Programming
SATNAM S. RAMGOTRA : Tabla, Drums, Percussion, Acoustic Guitar, Vocals, and Programming

The last show that The Nightfly attended in September of 2008 at defunct and sorely missed eclectic Santa Monica venue Temple Bar had Alien Chatter on the bill. The two master musicans had the room transfixed with their bitches brew of Indian music, jazz, rock, funk and other good stuff that have yet to be named.

Formed in 2002, L.A. based Rodney and Satnam aka Alien Chatter continue to play gigs in between their many jobs as busy session and tour musicians.

The Nightfly's favorite track (featuring outstanding guitar work by Michael Landau): the furious "Invasion". But check out the downtempo tracks too at: