Saturday, October 17, 2009

Lemon Sun: L.A.'s Best Band?

They've been compared to Eric Burdon and the Animals and David Bowie - I also hear distinct and lovely echoes of The Doors and The Clash, an intoxicating sound with lead singer Rob Kolar acting the part of male siren - or pied piper if you will.

Lemon Sun is a super tight band with very strong material and a superb lead singer: this is the kind of band that under normal circumstances would get snapped up by a major label, but of course nothing is normal in the record business these days and maybe they are better off with a smaller label anyway. Or maybe the word will spread and they won't need a label at all.

Favorite track: "Nobody Knows" - Jim Morrison-meets-the Clash and makes a beautiful baby.

Photos by: Elliot Glass.