Sunday, October 18, 2009

Curtis Scott Whitehead: Mixing It Up

The Nightfly has a soft spot for artists and bands who boldly engage in musical cross pollination. Atlanta based multi- instrumentalist/singer/songwriter and longtime Van Hunt musical partner Curtis Scott Whitehead expertly blends funk, soul, gospel, blues and rock with country and it tastes real good.

Here is a lovely quote from Curtis' bio:

"I remembered when I was just a little boy around four or five. Sitting on the floor behind my father’s old Sears & Roebuck amplifier, I would watch the orange vacuum tubes glow brightly in the dim light of the living room. I'd place my hand on the amp to feel the heat and the vibration of his Silvertone guitar coming through the speakers. I can still look up and see my father’s contorted face as he hummed and moaned his way through a verse of “Nearer My God To Thee”. He was lost in the music and I was too. That’s when it first hit me…the power of it all, a guitar against a voice, a voice against space, and space against the words. It was the feeling of despair in the blues, the truth in gospel, the reality of the day that is so often found woven throughout soul and country music. I was much too young to understand these things then. All I knew was that it just felt good. This project is simply an honest attempt to go back to that place. "

Pops was mixing it up too back then and lucky for the rest of us, his son took it all to heart.

The Nightfly's favorite track: "Free" - Prince does country!