Monday, October 19, 2009

Joanna Cotten: Keeping The Faith

The Nightfly continues to be gobsmacked at the incredible wealth of "under the radar" talent out there. Nashville based Joanna Cotten is yet another example of an artist or a band that should be touring coast-to-coast, taking their music to The People.

Born in Memphis, raised in Forrest City, Arkansas, Joanna went to Juillard School in NYC, but returned to her Southern roots and came up with a mix of styles she calls Funkabilly. Her powerful pipes and songwriting talent got her a record deal in Nashville but she was eventually dropped because the label couldn't figure out if she was country, funk, soul, rock or pop. "All of the above" is the answer since Joanna mixes up all of those genres. (she also does stunner ballads ("Keep My Faith") of the spine-tingling kind.

The Nightfly's favorite track: "Five Crackers and an 8 Ball" - a freight train of a song barrelling down the tracks with Joanna in the engineer's seat.