Saturday, October 17, 2009

Niels Nielsen: Heavenly Sounds

The Nightfly is originally from Scandinavia, or to be more precise, from Copenhagen, Denmark. (directions: go to Sweden, then hang a left). ABBA, Scandinavia's most famous pop music contributors to the world have not lived in vain: Bjorn's and Benny's killer hooks are still heard in much of the music coming out of Sweden, Denmark and Norway. The sound is of course also - just as ABBA's sound was - influenced by British and American bands, but "Dancing Queen" is still shimmying her way into the ears and minds of Nordic songwriters whether they like it or not.

Niels Nielsen, whose grandfather was Danish, hails from Northern Sweden where he makes the kind of gorgeous music that you are likely to hear when you reach the Pearly Gates - a big, airy sound, with nods to legendary producer (and now convicted killer!) Phil Spector as well as to the biggest Swedish act of late, Peter Bjorn and John.